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Help! My EZ-NetTools Website Is A Blank White Screen?

The Problem...

Occasionally, customers will find one of their pages is a blank white screen. This could be their homepage, or some other page on the website.

The Solution...

The solution is simple. Just re-save the page.

Here are the steps...

1. Log into your EZ-NetTools account.

2. Open EZ-PageBuilder.

3. Open the page that's showing up blank.

4. If the page look correct in EZ-PageBuilder. Click File in the upper-left corner and click Save.

5. Open your website in a new browser and refresh the page. If it comes back, you're good to go.


Why Did This Happen?

For whatever reason, the page didn't save correctly. There may have been an interruption in your internet when you saved the page.

It seems to happen randomly but only occasionally.

How Can I Prevent This From Happening?

Always check you pages after you save them. Testing is good idea whenever you make changes to your website.

If you check your pages after you edit them, you'll quickly notice the problem and be able to fix it quickly. Simple save the page again, and the problem should go away.

It didn't work. It's a blank screen even inside PageBuilder. What Now?

Give us a call. If the problem happened within the last few days, our system administrator may be able to restore the lost page for you.