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Text Advanced Block

The Text Advanced block is arguably one of the most useful blocks there is!  It makes it easy to format text so you can make it look the way you want. Here's how to use it...

1. Add a Text Advanced block
To Add a Text advanced block click Add or the green plus to add a new block. Then choose Text Advanced

2. You now have an empty Text - Advanced block

3. Type in some text

Highlight the first line (This will be our Title)

 Click Heading 1

Highlight the second line (This will be our Sub-Title)

Click Heading 2

Click Submit to see how it looks.

Notice how the text looks different here.  If you're using a template with a CSS Stylesheet your text is already styled (which is a good thing).  This allows fonts and colors to be consistent across your website.  This makes it look more professional and clean.

Go back into the text block.  Let's add a paragraph...

Highlight the text.  Click Paragraph. Choose Normal (P).

You might think that nothing happened, but it did. This put a paragraph tag on the text.  If your site has a CSS Stylesheet it will make the text look consistent.

Let's Add a bullet List.  Type a few short lines.

Highlight the text.  Click the Bullets icon.

You now have a bullet list.  Push submit to see how it all looks.

Here is the finished product!