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Getting Started

How To Edit a Template

Building a webpage from scratch can be overwhelming. This is why we recommend using a template. Templates lay the ground work for your website, so you can concentrate on more important things.

How to edit any block

EZ-PageBuilder is made up of blocks. Each block holds a piece of your website. You can edit any block by clicking the Edit icon.

Click the Edit to change the block's content.

You will see a screen like this...

You can edit your text just like a word processor.

Preview Your Page

To preview your page, clicking View >Preview Current.

Save The Page

Once You have your page the way you want it, click File >Save.

That's it! Your changes are now live. You can go to your website and see them.

Block Icons let you change and move blocks

Add: Make a new block directly after (or before) the current block.
Edit: Change text or pictures inside a block.
Move Up: Moves the current block up one space.
Move Down: Moves current block down one space
Move: Allows you to move a block anywhere on the page.
Copy: Make a copy the block, and place it somewhere else on the page (or another page)
Delete: Erase the current block.