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Making a Simple Contact Form

This is what we'll be making...

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1. To start a new form, add a new block, select FormBuilder, and click Next Step.

2. Add the email address you want the form to be submitted to

This form will be sent to your email address, so add a subject and message. In the example below, the emails subject would be "Someone filled out your contact form". The message would be the first line in the email. Click Submit.

3. Add a New Block

4. Choose Text Field, and hit Next Step.

5. Type "Name" into the Description (this will be the label for the field)
Also type "Name" into the Field Name (this will appear in the email sent to you)
Click "Yes" next to Required(this will require to user to fill out this field before submitting)

6. Add another Text Field Block.

7. Repeat the process for adding a Name, but this time use "Email"

8. Add a third Text Field

9. Add Phone Number.  We are going to make this one optional. This is often a good idea, because forcing people give out too much personal information will often prevent them from filling out the form at all.

10. Add another block. (We're going to add a submit button)

11. Choose Form Button

12. Type "Submit" next to Label.  Then click submit.

Your form is now functional.  However there is an alignment issue.

13.  Click the Edit Icon on the Form Manager.

14. In the field next to Text Column Width, type in 80. (this will make the text column 80 pixels wide)

The fields are now align properly.