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EZ-NetTools® Main Menus Overview

The EZ-NetTools Menu is divided into 3 major categories: Administrative, Construction, & Promotion, to help you find tools more easily.

Administrative Tools Used in the standard course of business, handles transactions, sets up email accounts, edits company information, and much more.

Construction Tools Used to create or modify the structure and contents of the Web site.

Promotion Tools Used to improve the public visibility of your web site.

Resources Various resources to help you design and manage your website and your business. This includes on-line help text, on-line magazines, on-line courses, links, and other features.

TIP: When you are working in the tools, there are some short cuts to move from one tool to another. Whenever you see a row of buttons similar to those in the image below, you can click on the button for the tool set you want to use. That will take you directly to that menu. This can save you a lot of clicks.