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Creating A Mirror Block

Learn how to create a mirror block and insert it into your pages.

Making a Simple Contact Form

Learn how to make a basic contact form for your website.

Adding Links

Learn how to Add links to the Text advanced block and the Graphic block. By applying the techniques from these two examples, you should be able to add a link to any block in PageBuilder.

Adding a Graphic Block

Learn the basics of adding images to your webpages with the EZ-PageBuilder Graphic Block.

How To Edit a Template

For many people, building a webpage from scratch can be overwhelming! So we recommend starting from a template. You probably chose a template when you signed up for your account with EZ-NetTools. So you just need to know how to edit it.

How to Build a Simple Webpage

Sometimes you just need a little help to get started. You want to build a webpage, but where do you start? This article will briefly go over making a Title, horizontal bar, simple text block, and graphic block.

The Text Advanced block

Learn how to use h1 tags and paragraph tags to make your website more professional and search engine friendly.

EZ-FileManager Basics

This article goes into detail about how to use EZ-FileManager

Password Protect a Folder

Learn how to password protect a folder and setup user names and passwords.