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How to Setup EZ-Mail

The perfect place to start. A 5 minute video explaining the process of setting up an email account.

How to Setup an E-Mail Account

A comprehensive article discussion E-Mail Account setup.

How to Setup Email on your iPhone

In this tutorial we show you how to find the needed information to setup EZ-Mail on your phone. Then we walk you through the steps of setup on an Iphone.

Setup your Email on your Android Phone

A step-by-step tutorial for setting up EZ-NetTools email on your android phone.

Setup IMAP on New Andriod Phone (Lollipop)

A new tutorial with the latest instructions for setting up an Android phone.

Windows 8 Email Setup

Much to the frustration of many new computer owners, Windows 8's mail client does not support POP3 Email. If you have upgraded to windows 8, and find you can't check your email, You have a few options. You can use another mail client like Thunderbird, you can check your mail, or you can route your email through an online service such as Gmail, Hotmail or We included a link to an article that can help you learn more.

E-Mail Basics - Webinar

57 minute Webinar

Email communication has become an important part of functioning business on the web. EZ-NetTools provides one of the best email management tools to date. This webinar will cover managing email accounts, email settings and accessing your email via webmail and mail clients.
Presenter: Joseph West