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Getting Started with EZ-NetTools

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How to Login

To log in all you need is your User ID and your password. Your user ID was sent to you in an email when you signed up.  If you've forgotten your passwords, click "unable to login?"then enter your user ID.  Your password will be sent to the email address on your account.  If you've forgotten your User ID, call us at 800-627-4780.

Overview of Home Screen (classic)

The EZ-NetTools Menu is divided into 3 major categories: Administrative, Construction, & Promotion, to help you find tools more easily.

How to Upload a Photo (or any other file)

Pictures are a valuable way to grab attention!  Before you can put a picture on your website, you need to upload to the file server.  Here's a quick guide to uploading pictures and other files to your website.

How to Add a Graphic Block

There are several way to add an image to your webpage. One of the most popular is with the Graphic Block.  This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about the graphic block and it's options.

How To Edit a Template

For many people, building a webpage from scratch can be overwhelming!  So we recommend starting from a template.  You probably chose a template when you signed up for your account with EZ-NetTools.  So you just need to know how to edit it.

How to Build a Simple Webpage

Sometimes you just need a little help to get started. You want to build a webpage, but where do you start? This article will briefly go over making a Title, Horizontal Bar, Simple Text Block, and Graphic Block.

The Text Advanced block

Using The Text Advanced Block with Images

PageBuilder Trainings

Training 1: Intro to Blocks

Build a simple page with a Title Block, Graphic Block, Text Block, and Button Bar.

Training 2: Intro to CSS

Learn the basics of including CSS code in EZ-PageBuilder