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How to Put Google Calendar on your Webpage

I. Make Google Calendar Public

First we need to make sure that your calendar is public (otherwise all people will see is a blank calendar).

1. Login to your google calendar. Click My Calendars

2. Click the dropdown on your calendar and choose Share this Calendar

3. Click Make this calendar public

4. Click Save

II. Get the Embed Code

Now that your calendar is public, you just need to get the embed code.  It is in a slightly weird place, so we'll show you where to get it...

1. Click on the dropdown for your calendar.  Choose Calendar Settings

2. Part way down the page, you'll find a section called Embed This Calendar.  To the right you'll see a box with code inside it.  Highlight and copy the code inside this box.

III. Put Google Calendar into EZ-PageBuilder

This is the easy part.  Open the page you want your calendar on, in EZ-PageBuilder. 

1. Add an HTML block.

2. Paste the code into the HTML block,
3. Click Submit

That's it!  You now have a Google Calendar on your website.